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Iria Reference: The Fake OCT by Kalyn-Palak Iria Reference: The Fake OCT by Kalyn-Palak
(same info as on OCBZ reference sheet)

Yes. Iria. Revisited: I'll post the introspection piece that kinda shows WHY she's changed. And yes, again, this is Iria. Angsty Iria.

:bulletblue: Intro

Iria was a very very angsty character that I entered in Oberon's Garden-she's recently gone over some mental barriers, and is why she isn't in all grey-she's actually got some greens in there, which is in fact her favorite color.

:bulletblue: General

:bulletred: Name: Iria Tenebrae
:bulletred: Age: Recently turned 17 years old
:bulletred: Birthday: March 9th, year unknown
:bulletred: Gender: Female
:bulletred: Species: Human
:bulletred: Ethnicity or Breed: Caucasian
:bulletred: Hair: Red-brown, but nore red than brown
:bulletred: Eyes: Dark green
:bulletred: Height: 5'5"
:bulletred: Weight: 124 lbs
:bulletred: Languages: English (or whatever it's called from where she comes from)
:bulletred: Religion: None, really. Faintly believes in whatever God or Gods Arlyn (another OC here at [link] ) believes in.
:bulletred: Sexuality: ...straight.

:bulletblue: History

Iria is in all truth an orphan. Her father died in a fire when she was ten, and her mother got too far into to the river in the spring when it was swollen and got swept away, her skills in swimming unable to save her when Iria was thirteen. A year later, she was frustrated with life and depressed, despite the Older Sister of the community looking after her, and in a bit of rash decision and anger took it out on herself, scraping bloody furrows in her face with her right hand. She's been unhappy with herself for that ever since, liking her left more than her right, even if her right is her prominant hand, whereas before she liked them equally. Silly, yes, but she bears a grudge towards herself and that hand, and usually tries to hide it or make it smaller than it should be. She's been working on trying to stop that habit, but it's a hard one to break, as is the fear of fire and water. She's recently been working hard on getting over the water one, but she's not touching fire as far as she's concerned. She entered the Oberon's Garden tournament with the wish of going back and trying to undo her mistake, but got beat by her first opponent in the first round and was sent back home, where Arlyn betrated her for going off and getting herself in danger. Iria skulked for a few days, and then started training herself with a dagger, seeing as her 'claw-hands' weren't doing her much good. As is such, she's got slight, beginner and very much flawed experience with the dagger but loads and loads with hand-to-hand and with her primary weapon, the claw-hands, which are located in the pouch on her left side. Taken by wanderlust and a quest to get out there and face her fears, she's got a pack strapped to the back of her belt filled with her old, grey clothing and various sustenance supplies along with a standard army-size canteen.

:bulletblue: Personality

Iria is rare-spoken, though she's now not on the verge of being anti-social. She's unwilling to talk, but will if she needs to or if it would be in her best interests to do so. She's quiet, fairly shy, and has a bit of a temper when it comes to insulting those close to her, whether the person knows them or not. With a soft spot for children, she's more readily to smile and talk, both of which she doesn't do often. She's a quick thinker on her feet, but cannot plan things out-she's impatient in that respect. Underneath it all, she's got a bit of a mischevious streak and an ambition to prove people's expectations of her wrong, though both usually don't make it into her actions. Usually. She does it from time to time.

:bulletblue: Abilities

Self-trained in wielding a dagger, and as such is not very good with it. Can't hold her own in an all-out fight, but can use it to sneak up on somebody. Her 'claw-hands' are her primary weapon, and she is well trained in hand-to-hand combat as her father and mother both specialized in those areas of combat and wished to pass their skills on to her. She currently has no knowledge of it, but her claws have a protection spell laced in the metal, allowing her to deflect any sort of magic-except the most powerful kinds, upon which the spell will be rendered null and void. In order to regain the spell, she has to find somebody capable of casting it and re-weaving it into the claws within thirty-six hours of the destruction. Since she hasnt' been told of this yet, it's pretty useless information unless some adequate magic-user around her senses the break and fixes it immediately, informing her of the ability. Other than that, she's slower with her left hand and foot than her right, which can cost her a fight. Because she fights on instinct and doesn't plan more than a step ahead, if a fight depends on planning she's sure to lose it.
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DatenshiFukuchuu Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2009
hey ive started on my fake match and i need to know: are the orange things across her face strands of hair or scars or what are they?
Kalyn-Palak Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Iria? Those are scars. Feel free to draw them in black or something.

You're farther than I am at any rate >3>;;; I've got a lot going on now, and time isn't exactly in large quatities right now.
DatenshiFukuchuu Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2009
lol thanx :D i needed that
and i needed to start early cuz im leaving for seattle for christmas and they dont have a scanner there ^^;
but im not sure i'll make it i might need to request an extention
Kalyn-Palak Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Same here. School is killing me... D8
Kelaiah Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2009
Awesome. Pretty designs! :D
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